After all there are many universities, but only one Delhi School of Economics.


During all my life I have been driven by the conviction that the knowledge I acquire…. should always be used for the good of those who need it.


My passion was always to make my economics useful for the nation’s economic growth and the welfare of its masses.


In order to make good policy – the social sciences have to learn from, and speak to, each other.


The economic man is much less than the whole man and it is the whole man who, in the last analysis, should interest all of us, including the professional economist and administrative planner.


“Darkness is never ever-lasting” and the dawn is not so distant. The darkness will disappear & the dawn will emerge, if only we take intelligently, wisely and swiftly, and in line with the spiritual inheritance of our national ethos”. I believe we can do this, and we will.


Why do you want to go abroad to study? The Delhi School of Economics will be the best among Universities anywhere.


I think beauty in buildings and their proper maintenance is also one of the aids to the quality of education….As Vice-Chancellor ….I prevailed upon my colleagues to endow prizes for the University Flower Show every year…. To my personal delight the first prize… was won by the Delhi School of Economics.


There is no doubt in my mind courtesy, respect and deference amongst academic colleagues go a long way in solving differences….


The rural poor of India, who constitute the vast masses of the Indian people, are the people whom we should serve. And they deserve to be served, not misled or exploited, but truly served, through education, investment, development and social and economic programs directed to their welfare, and improvement in their quality of life.


I do have till today the strong conviction that there should be a marriage between theory and practice, and a balanced mixture of both in any sphere of knowledge or academic discipline to make it useful for policy purposes and the promotion of human welfare.


Where the value system is in shambles, and there is no attempt to restore ethical and social norms of conduct, there is no hope for the future of its people.